Vail Daily letter: Choose Chandler-Henry |

Vail Daily letter: Choose Chandler-Henry

Kathy Chandler-Henry deserves another term as Eagle County commissioner. In the 40-plus years that we have lived here, we have watched Kathy grow from the valedictorian of her Eagle Valley High School graduating class to a contributing and valuable member of the local community. She always had the makings of a community leader.

Chandler-Henry is the only candidate who grew up in this valley. She has chosen to spend her adult life here. Long before she entered political office she developed a reputation throughout the valley for effective leadership and a unique ability to help many community organizations identify goals and follow up with an effective action plan. She carries those qualities with her to the county job.

As a county commissioner, she listens carefully to her constituents and works hard for solutions to their issues. Never once have we seen her succumb to the kind of petty politics that have consumed some previous boards.

Her unique background as a longtime Eagle County resident, her problem-solving skills and her community involvement make her an effective commissioner. We believe the county will benefit from another four years with Kathy in office.

Kathy and Bill Heicher


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