Vail Daily letter: Concerned about Trump |

Vail Daily letter: Concerned about Trump

I did not vote for Donald Trump as our 45th president, but unlike Mitch McConnell at the start of Barack Obama’s first term, I was ready to give him a chance. I certainly was, and am, concerned with a number of President Trump’s positions:

• Climate change just a hoax — really?

• Discussions about a Supreme Court nominee that threatens women’s rights under Roe v. Wade — really?

• The refusal to hold regular press conferences so as to answer questions related to policy and actions — really?

• And now a media blackout at the EPA after moving to delay the implementation of 30 environmental rules — really?

Within this last year I read a book entitled “1924 — The Year That Made Hitler.” He was going to make Germany great again. And people bought into it — really!

Tom Backhus

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