Vail Daily letter: Create a new ‘we’ |

Vail Daily letter: Create a new ‘we’

Editor: Thank you for printing Cal Thomas’ opinion, “We won, you lost, deal with it” in your Sunday edition. By “we,” of course, Thomas means Republicans, and “deal with it” targets everyone else. This brings up some legitimate questions.

Republicans, who are you?

I don’t believe you all are really racists, bigots and misogynists; many of you must be patriots who understand that discrimination keeps some of our best minds from contributing to the greatness of our country. You can’t all have money as your No. 1 value; many of you must be capitalists with a conscious who respect hard-won rights of the working people of our country. Surely, you aren’t all robots who think what you’re told to think; many of you must be free thinkers who are willing to consider well-founded evidence that might not line up with your current thinking. And when some of the evangelists endorsed Trump, hopefully you were appalled. If you find yourself in the latter category in the above statements, welcome to the growing crowd of people from both sides of the aisle who are fed up with extremism. It’s time to free ourselves from thinking one side is always right and the other is always wrong. So here is the next legitimate question:

What is it that we really need to deal with?

It’s not what Cal and his fellow in-the-box thinkers are implying. What we have to deal with are the forces that brought us the most ridiculous and embarrassing election season we’ve ever endured. America is a model for the world, intended to prove that people can both be free and live together in peace, and she deserves better. We owe it to our country and the world to grow up and create a new “we” — Americans, more than just Democrats or Republicans — and “we” must win the next time around. Let’s deal with this.

Debra Dieter

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