Vail Daily letter: Daily biased against Cacioppo |

Vail Daily letter: Daily biased against Cacioppo

Your column in the Wednesday Vail Daily regarding my candidacy is laughable.

You wrote: “State Representative: Colorado House District 26 — which covers all of Routt and Eagle counties — is well served by two-term incumbent Diane Mitsch Bush, a Steamboat Springs Democrat. Republican challenger Michael Cacioppo of Eagle County simply can’t match Mitsch Bush’s knowledge of the district, especially regarding the intricacies of state water law. That knowledge is crucial for anyone who wants to represent two headwaters counties in the Front Range-dominated Colorado Legislature.”

Fact: I am one of three that risked our homes and filed a $600 million lawsuit to help clean up the toxic orange Eagle River in 1990, when the mine at Gilman spilled 8 million tons of toxic waste into the river and our local governments refused to sue to clean up our drinking water. What did any of the current members of the Vail Daily or my opponent do about that? Nothing!

Fact: My video company videotaped all of several days of the 1041 water hearings held in West Vail years ago when our former excellent Eagle County commissioners (2 Republicans and 1 Democrat) stood up to Colorado Springs and later reached a compromise on water diversion to help protect Eagle County water. What did any current members of the Vail Daily or my opponent do about that? Nothing.

Fact: I have lived in Eagle County for 41 years and attended more local government meetings than all of your current staff and my opponent combined. My opponent doesn’t even live in Eagle County. In fact, my most recent survey of 131 of 147 people asked in Eagle County show that most people in Eagle County, not connected with local government or your newspaper, have never even heard of my opponent. Your assertion that I can’t match her knowledge of the district is also truly laughable.

I very much appreciate your biased, inaccurate column. It clearly demonstrates, for all reasonable people to see, why I refused to participate and ask for the Daily’s endorsement for my election to House District 26. Thank you for clearly demonstrating that bias and ludicrous inaccuracy. It helped me prove my point.

Local Democratic Chair Jane Lowery wrote in her column that my opponent is “one of the hardest working, smartest policy wonks in the state House. No wonder Cacioppo wouldn’t face her in a single debate.” I have had many friends in the local Democratic Party, especially high ranking members. Who is Jane Lowery? I have never seen her at a local government meeting!

Fact: My opponent and I faced off twice in Steamboat, where no liberal moderator controlled those real debates. Only tough questions from the audience were allowed, with no liberal moderator filter, like Ms. Lowery wanted in Eagle County. In fact, Ms. Lowery turned down the opportunity to have real debates, on several occasions, by refusing to name a Democratic moderator, and refusing to allow for a Republican moderator. The Daily knew this, but printed her falsehood anyway, once again demonstrating the Daily’s bias against me.

I think longtime Vail Councilman Kevin Foley said it best when he wrote to you in a timely manner to meet your Thursday deadline, like I did. Foley wrote: “Michael is honest, hard-working and (has the) sincere traits I admire in an elected official. We can continue to send folks to Denver that accept all kinds of special interest money (my opponent), or we can elect a person looking out for our welfare, first and foremost. Please join me and vote for Michael by Nov. 8.”

I challenge you to print my letter and Kevin Foley’s letter quickly, and demonstrate whether the Daily has any sense of fairness left.

Michael Cacioppo

State House candidate

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