Vail Daily letter: Daily got it wrong |

Vail Daily letter: Daily got it wrong

My run for treasurer is about service to the people of Eagle County, and my belief that in Eagle County there are high expectations for what an elected official should embody. The Treasurer’s Office has operated for many years with limited outreach, transparency or public scrutiny. This is an opportunity to change that.

I have lots of ideas about how the Treasurer’s Office can serve you better, including more frequent and informative communication and clarifications about programs available to benefit you, all the while maintaining allegiance to principled and effective standards for fund management and tax allocations. Active collaboration and participation with important county committees, peer groups and legislators is an added value you’ll get with me as treasurer. These committees and associations influence county policies, county budgets, and county capital expenditures. The treasurer, as custodian of your taxes, should contribute in a meaningful way to these discussions.

It’s too bad that our local paper advocates the philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” — in other words, the way it’s always been is good enough for the future rather than embracing the great potential for improvement under an experienced leader in county government who employs a style that includes constant analysis and innovation, with a track record of consistently positive results for the citizens of Eagle County. I’m not new to the world of finance and money management and have a passion for number crunching.

Since I was elected as clerk in 2002 in a contested election (the paper got that wrong as well), I have arrived at work every day excited for the opportunity to serve my staff and the people of Eagle County. I offer progressive programs, the best possible customer service and value for your money as an elected administrative official. The Treasurer’s Office could be better with a fresh perspective and I’d like to help. Please vote for Teak Simonton for county treasurer and let’s keep working together!

Teak Simonton

County treasurer candidate

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