Vail Daily letter: Distracted driving makes our roads unsafe |

Vail Daily letter: Distracted driving makes our roads unsafe

In response to an article posted on the Vail Daily’s website (“Marijuana tied to more collisions but not fatalities, pair of studies says,” Monday, June 26), while it’s great that more research in this arena is being done, we want to remind our community that all impaired driving is unsafe driving, whether distracted from alcohol, marijuana or phone.

Researchers can utilize data to look at correlation or causation; however, the message we should all hear is that anything who impairs or distracts our driving makes our roads unsafe.

Although we all know this, it takes a concerted effort to be safe, and it is all of our responsibilities to make good decisions to keep the roads safe. This may mean selecting a passenger to be the “designated texter” or turning the phone off all together; it means making a plan on how to get home safely, whether it’s with a designated driver or taking the bus, before your fun begins.

We all need to remember that having a vehicle, a phone, an active lifestyle and fun activities are privileges that should be respected and protected.

At the Eagle River Youth Coalition, we work with the Colorado Department of Transportation, local law enforcement and the Eagle County Prevention Committee to share the message that impaired and distracted driving are unsafe. We provide ideas and options on how to be safe and make informed decisions. Through these efforts, the community comes together to keep our youth safe and role model healthy behaviors for youth to follow into adulthood.

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Thank you to everyone who takes even one action to make our roadways safer. Find safe transportation options at

Our lives are worth more than a text, more than a drink and more than driving high.

Mikayla Curtis

Eagle River Youth Coalition

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