Vail Daily letter: Elected by the people? |

Vail Daily letter: Elected by the people?

It is written under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution that the people assembled in their respective state legislatures shall appoint electors who in turn, and by a majority, shall elect the president of the United States — this would be a constitutional or de jure election as they say. Nowhere in this federal charter is it stated or even alleged that any one party has the authority to nominate a candidate to the respective state legislatures for this office, be it Republican, Democratic, Green or Red, White and Blue. Let it be noted that no candidate’s name is submitted to this Electoral College unless he or she has been nominated by one of these recognized parties by way of caucus or primary, certainly not by the people in concert.

This being said and presumably that the selection process is first predetermined and influenced by a recognized political party before the people are even called upon to voice their preferences or votes in the matter, it can be averred that the election itself is a staged event or facade to dupe the people into believing that they are also a part of the process. It would be an understatement to say that the party apparatus and involvement unfairly influences the outcome of an election, what with the biased media at play, the Super PAC unbalanced funding of one party over another, and the favoritism by state and federal governments in the endorsement of one candidate over another. Ergo, a misuse of public office to say the least.

In view of all of this, were Hillary Clinton to become president it would be only a de facto victory and not a constitutional or de jure result, because she arrived at that office using devious, manipulative and unfair methods — a “shell game” to deceive and distract. Ms. Clinton has been a political insider for over 30 years, having been tutored and orchestrated by her “husband” for the duration. In other words, she has made and cultivated connections through her official capacities as first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the US, US senator (New York) and lately, secretary of state, all the while doing this under the auspices of the Democratic Party. One tell-tale indicium of this would be the Democratic National Committee chair’s blatant and admitted bias against Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Here, the voters did not have the benefit of an equal selection process — the party determined the candidate.

To survive her legions of scandals and felonious escapades, candidate Clinton enlisted the current administration’s (Obama et al.) clout to provide “cover” from prosecution under the Espionage Act of 1917 for misuse and theft of classified federal records (non-secure emails by the thousands). Through the auspices of the Democratic National Committee, both the FBI and the Department of Justice heads found no misdeeds, only carelessness, yet prosecuted others with much less evidence for the same activities. Of late, we learn that FBI agents on the inside are in open rebellion for the politicization of the entire investigation into the matter. The federal government in collusion with the Democratic Party salvaged the Hillary candidacy where she would otherwise have been disqualified for the office. Ergo, the loser of this “shell game” was the American voter.

Donald Trump with all of his personal baggage is not a politician with the gifts of spin and concealment. He has always been an outsider of the governmental establishment; he does not have the insider connections to work his wily will; and he most of all does not even have the support of his own party to garner the necessary electors. Were the people to have the final say (which is doubtful), Mr. Trump would secure the office of the presidency both legally (de jure) and constitutionally, since the people themselves would be the determining factor. Now, that would indeed be a change from the corruption engendered by the political parties to an election process due the people under the rule of law. Either an appointed president by the elite or a legal one elected by the people, the choice may well mean the decline and fall of the American experience or a restatement of a democratic republic.

Fredric Butler

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