Vail Daily letter: Electoral College omissions |

Vail Daily letter: Electoral College omissions

Maybe your educators didn’t do their job …

Mr. Mazzuca’s commentary (Monday’s Vail Daily) about the Electoral College left out a few important items. First, the numbers in the Electoral College are determined by the representation in the House and Senate, meaning there are 538 (the extra three are from the District of Columbia). These numbers are based on population, so that all states have equal representation. Therefore, not really needed.

Secondly, the Electoral College was actually created because the Founding Fathers had little faith in the ability of the masses to make an informed and educated decision in electing our officials, so they needed a back-up. Again, not really needed. Their lack of faith in the electorate was evident by allowing the states to determine eligibility to vote. This held back many groups from voting to this day!

I hope this inspires you to learn some more.

Deb Schmuck


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