Vail Daily letter: Emergency help for hunters |

Vail Daily letter: Emergency help for hunters

Being an avid hunter, I was distraught to hear about the hunter who was killed when his pickup truck rolled back, pinning him to a tree and eventually killing him. Accidents do happen, but when they do, there should be an accident hot line number for the hunters to call in close proximity to the region where they are hunting. For example, this guy was taken to Vail; there are three other medical centers they could have gone to which were a lot closer, but not living here, how would they know? About 25 years ago, I had a ski client out here camping with his family near Piney Lake. At that time I knew a lot of ski patrollers worked up there in the summer. I told my clients if something happens, go to Piney Lake, which was only a mile away where Vail was 17 miles away. He was chopping wood one day and cut his leg big time. Luckily, they remembered where to go. If he wouldn’t have remembered to go to Piney Lake, he would have lost his leg .

So what I’m saying is with every license sold, there be should be an emergency number on where to go that is the closest to where they are hunting.

Barry Simmers


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