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Vail Daily letter: Expert advice?

If motivating readers to improve their health was the goal of Ryan Richards’ “How to stick with your New Year’s resolutions” article, he failed. Not only did it contain few realistic suggestions to improve motivation, but his language was inherently prejudice against those not defined as “slim.”

He states, “Slim people have regulations and guidelines in place that keep them lean; their hefty counterparts maintain emotional, psychological, and psychological mechanisms that promote obesity.” Those words insinuate that “slim” people are disciplined, hard workers and in general good, while the “hefty” are lazy, and have emotional and physical problems which make them fat and therefore undesirable in our image-obsessed world.

Second, not once in the article does he promote or link weight loss as necessary to good health. Next, Mr. Richards implies it is not enough to “exercise hard five days per week … or … go for a vigorous daily run,” but one must also walk around the office or do additional activities to “keep the fire stoked” — advice seemingly unrealistic for those who have responsibilities other than their fitness, or to those trying to lose weight that don’t incorporate any type of exercise in their lives.

Finally, he states, “my new advice for the husk — eat less today.” As an educator, yoga teacher and coach I could not imagine referring to my students or athletes as the “hefty or husky.” He then encourages readers to emulate “successful dieters” with “show me a successful dieter … and I’ll show you a man who has gone to bed hungry most nights.” “Thin people eat less food than fat people … fat people eat too much.” With this kind of “expert” advice it is no wonder that in the very same issue of the Vail Daily, the “2Do — Our picks for the top two activities” was “Get support: Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Eating Disorders Support Group.”

Christy Greenblatt

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