Vail Daily letter: Expose Clintons’ corruption |

Vail Daily letter: Expose Clintons’ corruption

FBI Director Comey has the perfect opportunity to redeem himself by doing the right thing. Comey’s reopening of the FBI investigation is a good start. He should now publicly call on Loretta Lynch to send the case to a federal grand jury (constitutionally required on all federal felonies) so that an unbiased group of citizens may review the evidence and choose whether to indict or not. If there is evidence that Obama is involved in any way, it should be revealed also. Let the chips fall where they may.

If Comey were to simply do the above, there is no doubt in my mind that it would result in the implosion of the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, perhaps the Obama legacy and forever end the Clinton crime family, namely through its foundation. Comey would undoubtedly become a “marked” man and require round-the-clock protection while at the same time become an American hero! I would accept his explanation for not seeking an indictment originally if he claimed he was under duress after his life was threatened by Clinton/Obama minions.

If I were in Comey’s position, I would do it for America! Publicly expose the corruption by listing the charges he seeks against Clinton (and Obama if warranted) and then forcing the hand of the attorney general by publicly demanding she seek an indictment. The evidence presented to the public thus far is clearly enough for an indictment and the odds for a conviction are great. And if my life were taken by “suicide” (tongue in cheek), it would be a great honor to have served my country. I pray Comey does the right thing, regardless of his personal safety, as would any sworn cop!

Tom O’Connell


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