Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council

Jennie Fancher has actively served the citizens of Avon as a council member for the past four years. Since her fellow council members elected her Avon’s mayor two years ago, she has set a respectful and inclusive tone for council meetings. She is passionate about serving the community and committed to hearing as many different opinions on each subject as possible. She has no ulterior motive — she just loves Avon. You can find her enjoying the beauty of Nottingham Park, biking around town, and sharing her passion for the town with anyone who will listen.

Her leadership style is calm and kind. She’s accessible to the town’s citizens — she is always willing to talk to anyone who has an idea, concern or question about anything happening in the town.

In an election year that’s overcast with negativity, Jennie’s positive and inclusive leadership is refreshing and encouraging to me as a council member and a citizen of Avon.

I encourage the citizens of Avon to join me in casting a vote to re-elect Jennie Fancher.

Megan Burch


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