Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council

I ask you to join me in voting for Jennie Fancher as a continuing member of the Avon Town Council. As I step down after 29 years of public service to Avon, I can attest that Jennie is one of the finest elected officials that I have ever served with. She is as a positive and productive leader. There were some tough times over the past 10 years, but four years ago when Jennie joined the council, she was a primary voice in moving Avon forward. The changes to Avon Road with improved lighting and pedestrian crossings, beautiful landscaping and railroad bridge enhancements (remember when it was pink?), the development of the now active Main Street Mall and numerous special events are a few examples of her vision and sound role on the council.

As mayor, she led the recruitment of the Buck Creek Medical Center, negotiated the three-party Mountain Star water tank project, and gained the needed partnership with the fire district for the new public safety facility now under construction. Jennie’s successful arguments for the completion of the Eagle Regional Trail and Metcalf Road bike climbing lane as top safety improvements have resulted in both projects being completed this year.

Jennie is very smart and a great problem solver. She understands her responsibility to keeping Avon fiscally strong, and through her role on the council, the amazing changes in Avon through the past four years have all been accomplished without increased taxes and with the retention of strong reserves.

Finally, Jennie is a model elected official as a great listener, skilled facilitator and respectful, kind and open-minded leader. She has owned a home in Avon for 16 years and deeply cares about Avon. A vote to return Jennie to the Town Council is a vote for the continuation of a positive and exciting future for the town of Avon.

Buz Reynolds


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