Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Fancher for Avon council

We were present at the Town Council meeting described by candidate Peter Buckley in a letter to this newspaper (Saturday’s Vail Daily) as “a very public civil war,” which we find a complete overstatement, and his comparison to that war is ridiculous.

Councilman Wolf’s diatribe was, in our opinion, inappropriate and would have best been handled in an executive session of council rather than in a public forum. In addition, Wolf’s ranting was mystifying to those assembled for other business scheduled for that evening and had nothing to do with council but rather his criticism of the town manager. Mr. Buckley states that Mayor Jennie Fancher “lost control of the meeting for some time,” which is also a gross overstatement. In fact, Mayor Fancher repeatedly asked Councilman Wolf to temper his comments and to discontinue his embarrassing public temper tantrum. When it became evident that he and Councilman Gennett were not to be deterred, she asked that council move on with the agenda and to defer that issue for discussion later that evening.

This is not the first time that Candidate Buckley has taken Mayor Fancher to task and he seems to harbor a personal vendetta against her.

We would ask that, before you cast your ballot for Avon Town Council, you research who you would rather have leading our town for the next four years. Mayor Fancher has proven to be an intelligent, thoughtful leader who does not engage in the destructive hyperbole favored by candidate Buckley. She also has the support of the majority of council. Re-elect Jennie Fancher!

Jack and Greer Gardner