Vail Daily letter: For Carey, Renzelman |

Vail Daily letter: For Carey, Renzelman

This is a very tough election. In some elections, the choices are not the greatest. I encourage all voters to look carefully at the experience and policies of all candidates, and not just “click down the ballot” without considering the individual candidates.

Please vote for our local candidates, such as Bruce Carey for DA. I recently saw firsthand the decision making of the Bruce Brown DA’s office as a member of the jury pool for the double homicide trial that recently ended. It’s very clear to me that Bruce Brown is only interested in conviction rate, not justice. Bruce Carey supports education, rehabilitation and restorative justice, a much more progressive model of justice.

Mari Renzelman will make an outstanding treasurer. She filled the position when Karen Schaeffer retired, and was appointed by three Democrat county commissioners. She’s been working in that office for over 20 years. Experience counts.

Be an educated voter. It pays off.

Donna Spinelli


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