Vail Daily letter: For Ryan, Chandler-Henry |

Vail Daily letter: For Ryan, Chandler-Henry

Seven of 10 people in Eagle County think it is moving in the right direction, according to two independent polls conducted this year. A 70 percent favorability rating would make any politician, boss or parent proud. Our county has flourished under the leadership of Kathy Chandler-Henry and Jill Ryan. They are a good team and deserve to be re-elected.

Chandler-Henry and Ryan have made significant progress in the areas of safeguarding our water, environment, children’s programs, and have set a solid course for growing affordable housing. They have increased the county reserves and expanded open space to protect the economic drivers of our community.

As a fourth generation Coloradoan, Kathy has a very broad lens for leading the county. She knows all aspects of our population, from the ranchers to Vail Resorts. She is everywhere, volunteering her time, whether on the slopes for World Cup races or on the highways doing clean-up. She is engaged, involved and available to the people of Eagle County. She is highly intelligent, extremely well-educated and has a lifetime of experience as a business owner, volunteer and superb leader. Kathy has stepped up repeatedly over the years as a stellar volunteer who helped envision the valley’s economic future through the Economic Council, the fate of our natural resources through leading the Eagle River Watershed Council and our children’s educational needs through volunteerism with Buddy Werner and other programs. She has spent her life making our valley the best it can possibly be.

It’s no wonder that under her leadership, along with Jill Ryan’s, 70 percent of Eagle County is delighted with where we’re headed. This is the kind of leadership I want to see continue. I urge you to support what’s working well for Eagle County and re-elect Kathy Chandler-Henry and Jill Ryan.

Susie Kincade


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