Vail Daily letter: Gardner feigns compassion |

Vail Daily letter: Gardner feigns compassion

Over the last several years Colorado Representative and now Senator Cory Gardner has repeatedly voted to flat out repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare. Now Sen. Gardner is objecting to the House bill to repeal and replace the ACA — his major concern being the way the bill will affect the expanded Medicaid program enacted under the ACA and adopted by the state of Colorado. He believes it will negatively impact many Coloradans and he is ready to break with his own party to protect his constituents. Great, right? Well, again, on multiple occasions, Sen. Gardner voted to repeal the ACA without any exceptions or concerns. So, why the sudden change of heart? Why is he now so concerned about how the repeal of the ACA would affect citizens that he represents?

The answer is really quite simple. While a senator and representative for Colorado during the Obama administration, he was simply one of the herd and could hide behind the fact that any repeal bill he voted for would certainly be vetoed by the president and he knew the Senate and House didn’t have the votes to override the president’s veto. Nice, he didn’t need to be concerned with governing, he could flex his bona fides as an Obama-hating conservative and could go his merry way not having to be accountable to his constituents here in Colorado.

Now he has to govern. He has a president that would sign any bill repealing the ACA put on the desk in front of him. By objecting to the present-day repeal and replace bill on the table, he can come back to Colorado and explain how he will be protecting constituents from harm due to the repeal of the ACA.

He is feigning compassion and empathy for his future voters, emphasis on future voter. It appears as though Sen. Gardner’s re-election campaign has started. Could it be at all conceivable that we could have a bigger coward/hypocrite representing Colorado in the Senate?

Kirk Aker

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