Vail Daily letter: Giving thanks |

Vail Daily letter: Giving thanks

It’s the holidays and people are in a grateful, gracious and thankful mood.

I’d like to thank the people who run and work at the Edwards Shell station — no matter who is working, it’s a consistent smile. Same with the young people working at the Avon Comcast store. I’ve had more than one opportunity over the last few months to watch them patiently work with those of us who are technologically challenged.

Most of all I’d like to thank the Eagle County sheriff and his deputies.

A few months ago, I called dispatch, asked for help with the real estate ladies and millennial children who think traffic laws are for other people. I’d called in the past and got the usual bureaucratic “it’s a big county, we’ve got limited resources and we’ll get to you when we can.”

Not this time! A deputy was on-site within 30 minutes and he started lighting up the neighborhood. OK, I’m thinking, but probably it’s a one-time thing. Not true. Deputies now routinely patrol the neighborhood, enough of a presence that most of my neighbors have slowed most of the time. Our children, pets and wild animals all have a better chance of making it through one more day.

Kenton M. Krohlow

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