Vail Daily letter: GOP’s knee-jerk reaction to tax hikes |

Vail Daily letter: GOP’s knee-jerk reaction to tax hikes

Last Wednesday’s Vail Daily cover story (“Transportation issue could head to voters,” Wednesday, May 31) illustrates the knee-jerk reaction to raising taxes — any taxes — by the current Republican Party. The GOP simply does not believe in government — any government. This story provides an excellent example.

Last January, driving home from town in the dark, my car hit a huge and deep pothole on the Edwards Access Road. (It was filled with water, so the depth and sharpness of it were virtually undetectable.) Fortunately, this was just yards from the Shell Station. There my wife and I discovered four other cars that had hit the same pothole or one of a few others in the same locale and had damaged tires and/or bent wheels.

We had two tires shredded and had to replace all four tires, as ours is all-wheel drive. We also had to have the wheels realigned and balanced. The cost was $1,200. It should also be noted that my wife had a tire blown on her car in the same general area about four years ago and her tires were also about the same price.

More than the cost of this needless damage was the time involved and the cost of having the cars towed and retrieved and the possibility of our having an accident in both cases. Additionally, the poor condition of some of our roads, notably Interstate 70, causes premature tire wear. (Try driving all the way from Vail to Silverthorne in the right lane and take a wild guess at what is happening to your tires!)

A 0.5 percent increase in state sales tax seems small in comparison. Further, given the amount of tourism in the valley, the burden of this tax would be shared with visitors. By not even letting this tax increase come to a vote in the state Senate, the GOP has shown its stripes.

Randy Pelton


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