Vail Daily letter: Grateful for Electoral College |

Vail Daily letter: Grateful for Electoral College

Sen. Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill in the Senate to eliminate the Electoral College. After losing an election, liberals and, particularly liberal Democrats, cry out that the Electoral College must be done away with. “One man, one vote, majority rule,” they cry. The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. All these things are completely predictable.

I am forever astonished and disappointed at the number of people who seriously believe that we are a democracy. I am forever curious as to what is being taught in our public schools that so many believe this outright fallacy.

We are not now and have never been a democracy. This country was founded as a constitutional republic of sovereign states and not as a democracy, hence the Electoral College. We should thank God or Gaia or whatever deity we acknowledge that this is so. Our founders knew that a pure, direct democracy is a tyranny more dangerous than any monarch, because it has a superficial air of legitimacy. In such a system the rights of the 49.9 percent are subject to the whims of the 50.1 percent and would undoubtedly be stripped from them by that majority.

In such a system no one living outside California, Illinois and New York need bother to vote. Those places are so overwhelmingly liberal that the vote in all other more evenly split states would be overwhelmed and the interests of those other regions negated. I, for one, will always be grateful for the wisdom of the founders in giving us a republic and an Electoral College, regardless of the outcome of any election.

Tom Chastain


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