Vail Daily letter: Great event, excellent music |

Vail Daily letter: Great event, excellent music

On Aug. 28 of this year, 15 local bands comprising a host of local musicians came together at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater to put on the Vail Music Faire, the first local event of its kind in over a decade. The Faire lasted about nine hours, and while the Rocky Mountain weather was cold and wet, the performances were simply outstanding. It is no exaggeration to go a little further and characterize Vail’s local musical talent as absolutely world class.

The Faire was produced by local musician and producer Peter Fontanese, who did a brilliant job of selecting and organizing the event, and was sponsored by the Fred and Judy Alexander Foundation along with several other high-profile local organizations. The musical groups included Waking April, Instant Cash, J. Clay Reed, Justin Allison and Friends (including Chuck Lamb), Airborn, Ron Hardy and Friends, Brendan McKinney and Friends, Renegade Sons, the Kathy Morrow Quartet, Brother’s Keeper, Frank Chase and Friends, the Harry Baxter Band, the Fabulous Femmes, Prince Havely and Friends, and Don Watson and the Vail Valley Band. Each group performed for about 30 minutes. The individual musicians were a veritable who’s who of valley talent. As a finale, the crew came together and put on a jam session that was over an hour long.

I had the privilege of working the production end of the event along with Kaylee Brennand, Todd Howe, Stephen Ridgway and the Ford Amphitheater crew. We recorded the entire Faire, and you can access all of the performances by simply typing “vailmusicfaire” ( into any browser window and it will take you directly to the YouTube channel where you can easily access all 15 sets as well as the incredible Jam Session. This is CD-quality music that is worthy of playback at any event, and the HD video looks terrific on screens of any size (for larger screens be sure your browser is set to and supports playback at 720p in YouTube). There is nothing like this anywhere in the mountains, and the recorded event is a treasure trove, a milestone in Vail music history.

Walt Bujaryn

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