Vail Daily letter: Habitat Restore offers shopping, volunteer opportunities

If you haven’t been to the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Eagle lately, this is a great time to pay a visit. We recently received two whole-house donations of furniture and accessories from Beaver Creek homes and received many items from an Arrabelle home in Vail. The Restore used to save superior items for out Best of the Best sales. We no longer save things for special sales but instead stock our sales floor with these items when they are received. We also stock new area rugs and “green” paint.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Restore, it is part of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit started by Jimmy Carter years ago. Money from the Eagle Restore supports efforts to built affordable housing for local residents. These houses are a “hand up” not a “handout.” The people who get assistance with housing from Habitat for Humanity here undergo rigorous vetting, are required to meet certain financial conditions, must be employed, must donate many hours of local volunteer work and, finally, after moving into their home, must pay their mortgages.

By the way, I am a volunteer at the Restore. We have many volunteer opportunities, too. Hope to see you at the Restore soon!

Val Glimp

Volunteer, Habitat Restore

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