Vail Daily letter: Hit and run |

Vail Daily letter: Hit and run

Longtime local Patrish Meehan Koenig was enjoying a day skiing Vail with her family on Sunday, Feb. 12, at 11:40 a.m. when hit by a skier at the "slow skiing banner" just above Chair 7 lift lines. Whoever hit her skied off and no witnesses have been located. We have reason to believe the culprit was a man skiing with two women who stopped briefly and then skied off. Patrish was found lying unconscious in the snow and left with multiple injuries requiring surgery to a fractured right proximal humerus (upper arm), three fractured ribs, two pelvic fractures, concussion, and facial contusions.

It is a sad statement that the person responsible for this did not stop to make sure she was alive or take responsibility for their actions rather than skiing off.

If anyone has information or if the person responsible is feeling regretful enough to come forward, we would not only like you to be informed of what you did to our loved one but would simply like an apology and show some display of remorse and compassion. Patrish is presently recovering at Vail Valley Medical Center.

Ken Koenig