Vail Daily letter: Hope for peace |

Vail Daily letter: Hope for peace

It is interesting to observe that today the angry growls coming from many on the far right of the political spectrum are reminiscent of the same awful noise the nation heard in the 1860s. This time around the subject remains the same, slavery; but not of blacks, but of women and minorities.

The sea change that has been gradually building for decades in the United States is most threatening to the supreme rule over most everything by old, white, Caucasian males, no more so than in organized religion; and in this country the rule by a democratic plutocracy is now, fortunately, coming to an end.

It is my fervent hope that this transition will continue peacefully, and unlike the 1860s, the nation will be able to accommodate the badly needed changes and avoid another bloody civil war.

We certainly do live in interesting times.

Peter Bergh