Vail Daily letter: How the Vail Valley prepped me for success |

Vail Daily letter: How the Vail Valley prepped me for success

Growing up in the Vail Valley gave me a beautiful perspective on life: access to the outdoors, close-knit communities and people who truly care about the place they live and the people they live with.

As I finish my freshman year at the University of Alabama and reflect on how I got here, one specific place shines brightly in my mind — Vail Christian High School. It’s hard to put my finger on whether it was my fellow students, the teachers or the experiences in my four years there, but my time at VCHS stands out to me as a positive impact on my current successes.

Making the choice to transfer to VCHS for my freshman year was brought about by looking for a greater academic challenge. I had several friends attending VCHS who encouraged me to visit the school, meet the teachers and see how I would fit in.

From my first day walking the halls, I knew VCHS was a place I could grow academically and as a person. The year I transferred to VCHS, Mr. Bruce was the only certified calculus II teacher in the valley, and he quickly took me under his wing and taught me necessary skills in regard to math class, but also skills outside the classroom. It is the accepting and caring nature of the entire VCHS staff that makes that building a very special place.

In my time at VCHS, I was able to acquire 48 advanced-placement credits and enter Alabama as a sophomore. In the next three years, I hope to leave Alabama with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, largely in part to the advanced classes I was able to take in high school.

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Looking back, the people and experiences I was exposed to in my time at Vail Christian are some of my fondest memories of growing up in the valley. I can’t say thank you enough to this community, the teachers and the friends I made while walking the VCHS halls.

Remy Beveridge


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