Vail Daily letter: Incomplete article |

Vail Daily letter: Incomplete article

“If the worst should happen” (Vail Daily, Feb. 17) was an interesting article, but, unfortunately, not complete. As an active supporter of the Starting Hearts Organization I noticed that the organization was not credited as the only organization involved exclusively in raising funds to put and maintain external defibrillators in and around Eagle County for many years. To date, nearly 300 have been placed around the county. About one year ago, VVMC joined us to help us to meet our goal of 300 defibrillators.

Lynn Blake was a 27-year-old survivor of cardiac arrest (please note, not a “heart attack”) in 2007. Fortunately for her, one of the only defibrillators available in Vail at the time was at the Fire Department across the street from where her cardiac arrest occurred, and someone in her office was able to start CPR before the defibrillator arrived. Because of this fortunate circumstance, Lynne survived and made it her life’s mission to have more defibrillators placed around the county.

So how does “if the worst should happen” relate to this? As I walk around Beaver Creek Village I will sometimes will ask ambassadors, Red Coats, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, condominium front desks, hotel front desks where the nearest defibrillators are. Most are new people working and/or volunteering. Most have no clue as where the defibrillators are, and some do not even know what a defibrillator is. Why are these very visible people, as part of being hired, not told? Also, like many things, “there is an app for that.” The app for locating the nearest defibrillator is “PulsePoint,” also supported by Starting Hearts. Many lives have been saved on and off the slopes thanks for the untold efforts of Lynn Blake, and her volunteers (Starting Hearts began as a complete volunteer organization).

Please support Starting Hearts in their life saving efforts on Feb. 8 at the Vilar theater starting at 8:30 a.m. Check the Vail Daily for ads, or go to

Toby Mower, RN, MS, Ph.D.

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