Vail Daily letter: Ironic punishment |

Vail Daily letter: Ironic punishment

I am writing in response to Luis Juarez Ramos’ letter to the editor on Oct. 31. I applaud this young gentleman in writing such a thoughtful letter and being publicly accountable for his actions. He has learned from his mistake, and he has shared his learning with the public. Writing a public letter illustrating how his act attacked another’s right to free speech and paying for the damaged property are reasonable actions to compensate for breaking the rules. Being made to wave Trump campaign signs alongside Trump supporters (like the very signs he defaced at the CMC Edwards campus in political protest), however, is absolutely contradictory to the lesson at hand. While being asked to publicly acknowledge that he shouldn’t damage another’s property and right to free speech, Luis, at the same time, is being told by the Eagle County Republican Party representatives to act in violation of his own right to speak freely according to his conscience.

Shame on you, Eagle County Republican Party representatives, for taking advantage of your seniority with a teenager in this situation and making him violate his own right to free speech as punishment. How very ironic. Sounds like you need more schooling on our Constitution.

Greta B. Campanale

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