Vail Daily letter: It’s tough living in Vail Village during festivals |

Vail Daily letter: It’s tough living in Vail Village during festivals

I am writing this letter with sadness and a heavy heart on two issues.

I live at Village Center. My husband, Tom Carpenter, bought this unit in 1974. At 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 10, my 89-year-old husband who was returning from MD Anderson cancer center in Houston and myself were denied entry to our home in Village Center because of the GoPro Mountain Games.

I approached security at Solaris, who called for help. The second security person of higher rank said, “Lady, you are barking up the wrong tree,” as I tried to explain my dilemma. The highest-ranking security person named Ron said, “I only take orders from the Vail Valley Foundation. You are not getting access to Village Center.”

I finally drove to Edelweiss condominiums, where we parked in the space of a friend to walk to Village Center. I stopped by Checkpoint Charlie and asked for help. A police officer of rank and a code enforcement officer were seated. They would not help, either.

I managed to get Tom home at 5:45 p.m., tired and weary from the walk.

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From June 1 to June 18, it has been calculated that Village Center has been blocked in 34 percent of the time. Village Center was blocked for the Vail Farmers’ Market, Vail Craft Beer Classic and GoPro Mountain Games. Please do not say that when you buy in the village you know that festivals and concerts are part of the village operation. It was not that way in 1974, ’84, ’94 or ’04.

My second issue is safety for children who play in the creek. I have photos from years past. The children are playing in the creek building rock dams and their mothers are eating lunch or milling around the shops on the town side of the creek. Suddenly, something will happen that causes fear in the child and they look for immediate escape.

That escape was the south side of Village Center on the north side. Now that “Save the Gore” is in full swing and the planting of natural vegetation on the north side, instead of having soft green grass, it causes me to wonder, did anyone think of children or their safety?

In both instances, a bigger picture seems to be lost. One is the elderly and the other children. Would the Vail Town Council risk the possibility of a tragedy by denying a senior citizen entrance to his home or possibly be subjected to a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act for a festival or a child possibly being hurt? Do the Council members even care?

Each of you has a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and you may have a sister, brother niece or nephew. Is this how you would want them treated? I am seeking immediate relief for both the elderly and children — not meetings with staff to discuss the future, but what is to be done today before an unforeseen tragedy occurs.

Dianne Carpenter


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