Vail Daily letter: Keeping America safe? |

Vail Daily letter: Keeping America safe?

The recent controversy over Donald Trump’s plans to limit the number of immigrants and refugees into the US left me laughing — not because it was funny, but when I realized the hypocrisy of his words “to protect the American people,” I couldn’t help it.

To satisfy my curiosity of how well the American people are protected, I went online to check a few things out.

How many Americans were killed by gun violence last year? Just over 15,000, and so far in 2017, the figure sits at 1,300, and gun violence has been on the rise since 2012. How many Americans have been killed by police last year? That number was just over 1,000. How many Americans died last year from lack of health insurance? 20,000 to 45,000 annually. How many Americans died due to pollution? Around 200,000 a year. And, finally, how many Americans have been killed by terrorist actions in the US in the past 20 years? That figure was a staggering 3,158. And the number of terrorist actions by immigrants and refugees from terrorists’ countries? Zero.

All these figures could be open for debate and can be checked online, but it seems to me that the priorities here are obvious. There is more death here in America caused by Americans than by terrorists. Maybe more emphasis on gun control, affordable health care, body cams, accountability and oversight of the law enforcement, clean air and water and being in control of our fears will keep us safer.

The statistics seem to say one thing to me — Americans have no problem killing their own, but when it comes to non-Americans, they put their foot down in a knee-jerk reaction of fear to outsiders.

If Mr. Trump really is concerned about the American people’s safety, why is he gutting the EPA, repealing the Affordable Care Act with nothing in place to fill it, and there’s talk of new laws in some states to limit protest in the streets.

I guess we will just have to wait and see how much safer we are in a few years.

Hypocrisy … makes you laugh, don’t it?

T. Lamb