Vail Daily letter: Leadership through experience |

Vail Daily letter: Leadership through experience

I want to take a moment to talk about my experience in a leadership position. This is a demanding occupation that will no doubt come with its own set of challenges, but I am more than ready for the task. What makes a great leader isn’t only someone that has had experience running a big company or law firm but rather someone who understands the struggles, challenges and joys of life that we share with those around us. In this position, I vow to never forget what it was like to be an employee — trust, appreciation and gratitude have always gone a long way. I will never forget what it was like to grow up with a single mother. I will never forget the financial struggles and the hardships that we faced. To this day, when I think back on those times I am still amazed by the strength of my mother. I will never forget the struggles of putting myself through college. I will never forget my experience with the law and the power of second chances. I will never forget the victims of crime who have sat in my office crying because they felt re-victimized by the system. I will never forget my community’s pain when the only Summit County homicide case came back with a verdict of not guilty. These are just some of the motivations that have led to my campaign. To put my heart and soul out there and to run this independent campaign is to stand up for the injustices I see around me.

This position to me is one of understanding and compassion. Not only understanding and compassion for those going through the criminal justice system, but more importantly for those that have been a victim of serious crime. Justice is my passion and I will always be passionate in the face of injustice. Please help me bring humanity back to our justice system.

Sanam Mehrnia

District attorney candidate

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