Vail Daily letter: Leash your dog |

Vail Daily letter: Leash your dog

Dear Minturn neighbors,

Recently I was running in my neighborhood in Minturn when an unleashed dog saw me, ran towards me, lunged and growled. The owner, several yards behind, made no movement or effort to stop or call his dog back. When I said “Hey!” and darted away from the growling dog, he shrugged as if it was not his problem, then told me, “Give me a break.” This seems to me to be the height of rudeness. His dog is off-leash, running at pedestrians and growling at them, and he has the nerve to imply that it is not a big deal and not his problem? As an owner, you may know that your dog won’t actually bite, but I don’t know that and other pedestrians don’t know that. Please do not be disrespectful to your neighbors. If your dog can’t be controlled off-leash, it needs to be on a leash. Period.

Lauren Moran

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