Vail Daily letter: Left a mess |

Vail Daily letter: Left a mess

Saturday, at 10 a.m.: You were fishing at our Freedom Park dog park/lake in Edwards when I arrived to walk my dogs. On completing a lap of the lake, you were gone and my 9-month-old Westie puppy was rolling in the grass where you’d been fishing. I hurried over to investigate her usually bad habit and discovered your heinous mess. There were 10 fish heads along with entrails scattered along the shore and in the shallow water there. The wooden fence was dripping blood from your fish butchering. What kind of inconsiderate idiot are you? There are two trash cans with plastic doggy pick up bags within steps of where you were fishing. I waved over a couple friends that were there to witness your slaughter. I picked up all the fish heads and guts that I could reach and disposed of them. Believe me, if I ever see you there again, I will call authorities and have you cited to the hilt for your actions.

Rex Keep


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