Vail Daily letter: Let’s keep our great teachers |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s keep our great teachers

To Kathy Ryan (Letters to the Editor, Wednesday’s Vail Daily),

If all the Katie Smiths leave our valley, what would be left? The repercussions would be drastic if all the best teachers were to move away and teach elsewhere. My middle child had the privilege of being taught by Katie in seventh and eighth grade and is a much better student and individual because of her influence, compassion, empathy and expert ability to impart knowledge. When I asked my daughter, who is now a junior in high school, what she thought about your reply to Katie’s letter, she had this to say: “Miss Smith is one of the most hard working teachers I have ever had. She provides her students with the tools to be successful learners in and out of the classroom. Miss Smith has inspired me to love and embrace the power of education, and for that I’m very grateful.”

Let’s keep all the Katies we can by voting for 3A and 3B. Jackson Hole doesn’t need to benefit; let us benefit. Vote “yes” for 3A and 3B.

Carol Johnson


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