Vail Daily letter: Let’s unite America |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s unite America

Thank you for printing “Left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds,” by Gerald Katz (March 4). I’m grateful to see that someone understands that “there is nothing noble about wanting the leadership of America to fail,” after all the obstruction and extreme ideology we’ve witnessed in this country. I’m puzzled by the title on the letter, though, because all that has really happened so far is that the left and the right have simply traded emotions with regard to politics. Anyone on one side that thinks hypocrisy is the domain of only the other side has not understood this emotional switch, and hasn’t been paying attention for quite a while. Time to put uniting America above ideology — and understanding this is the first step. No, one side is never always right, while the other is always wrong. One side is never always moral, while the other is always evil.

Debra Dieter

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