Vail Daily letter: Looking for a few good Samaritans |

Vail Daily letter: Looking for a few good Samaritans

On Sunday afternoon around 2:30 p.m., my wife took a tumble over her handlebars on the last leg of her bicycle ride up and down Vail Pass. Thankfully, a number of people came to her rescue and comforted her until an ambulance arrived. I met her at the hospital, where we found out she suffered a concussion and a broken clavicle, which was surgically repaired on Tuesday. She is in good spirits, all things considered.

Two of her rescuers called me on her cellphone — one a woman whose name I did not get, the other a man named Nate, I believe. As you can imagine, I was not paying much attention after hearing the words that “your wife has had a fairly serious biking accident.”

If any of the good Samaritans involved are reading this letter, I’d appreciate a call to identify yourselves so we can properly thank you. We live in Avon and you can get my number from the phone book. Or email me at

This is a touching reminder that we live in a wonderful community where people look out for one another. Amy and I would not live anywhere else!

Steve Coyer

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