Vail Daily letter: Make proposal smaller |

Vail Daily letter: Make proposal smaller

Our concerns with the Marriott project for Buffehr Creek:

The massive size is completely incompatible with the neighborhood. The impact of noise, lights, cars, traffic and especially dogs in Buffehr Creek will change the nature of this quiet neighborhood.

Outdoor lighting — more glare (we’ve already lost the stars).

Dogs — we have been dog owners and have seen a large increase of people walking dogs in our area. While most pick up after their pets, many do not and it is a constant problem for local homeowners.

Will this new project provide a substantial green area for dog walking or will they end up in Buffehr Creek Park, where we have found feces in the children’s play area?

Why should local quiet neighborhoods be impacted by these massive projects because Vail Resorts, the hospital and other businesses cannot provide housing for their employees?

We recognize the need for employee housing and would hope you will consider a much smaller project for this site. Please do not destroy the small character of our local neighborhoods — we lose more of the original Vail every day.

Bruce and Mary Jo Allen


Editor’s note: The Vail Town Council rejected the current Marriott proposal last week, but asked the developer to return to its meeting next week.

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