Vail Daily letter: Mazzuca column off the mark |

Vail Daily letter: Mazzuca column off the mark

Butch Mazzuca’s recent Valley Voices column on illegal immigration was way off the mark. If he had done some research, he would have discovered that both the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and the Avon Police Department firmly believe that their active involvement in enforcing federal immigration rules would be counterproductive to their primary task to keep our county and towns safe. This is NOT “anecdotal evidence,” this is a fact.

Even though Eagle County and the town of Avon have unanimously voted for resolutions supporting all of the residents of the county and town ­regardless of immigration status, there is still a heightened anxiety level among our immigrant population as a result of the disgusting characterization of immigrants by our current administration. The great majority of undocumented immigrants in our county have been here many years, and many of them have American children. They are responsible for building much of this valley, as well as operating it. And, by the way, Mr. Mazzuca, are you prepared to apply the law to the great majority of business owners here in the valley who have broken the law by hiring undocumented workers? Because most, if not all, are guilty.

These hard-working, law-abiding people are critical to our valley, our state, and country. Most have been here many years now, doing work Americans will not do. Most have American children. It is time to recognize these facts and provide legal status to them. As we do this, I am in favor of tightening our border controls and establishing effective hiring practices that will demotivate foreigners from crossing the border illegally looking for work. At the same time, we should establish a substantial, temporary worker visa program that will provide the workers that our agricultural, construction, and other industries need to operate today and in the future.

Like it or not, Mr. Mazzuca, you live in a county and a state, by the way, that are sanctuaries for all law-abiding residents. Our locally-elected officials and public safety officers understand the need for this, and, in their wisdom, have made the county a better place for all.

Steven C. Coyer

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