Vail Daily letter: ‘Media’ isn’t biased, reporters are |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Media’ isn’t biased, reporters are

Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg stated that the problem with the media is not that it is necessarily so liberally biased, it’s that their reporters are biased and that bias affects how the facts are presented. He said that each liberal-biased reporter begins his or her workday with the thought that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States. Whatever they write about him or what he has done is influenced by that belief.

As an example of what Goldberg was taking about, in the Vail Daily’s April 27 “Across the Wire,” there was a blurb about President Trump’s proposed tax plan. The headline was “President Donald Trump’s tax plan stands to benefit the man in the White House.” The reporter referred to the president as “a real estate developer turned reality TV star, who now happens to occupy the White House.” The liberal, anti-Trump bias was obvious. If we read an article that began by describing President Obama as a former community organizer turned politician who now happens to occupy the White House, we could similarly infer a conservative, anti-Obama bias.

The reporter summarized the plan by concluding that Trump’s tax proposal “seems sure to benefit the president’s businesses” and concluded that the proposed plan “benefits a billionaire real estate magnate like Trump.” This has been the liberal attack mantra since Trump took office, and it is a ludicrous claim. Goldberg went on to say that no political leader or party could ever hope to be elected or retain his or her political office if they limited their appeal to the wealthy.

In his biased urge to knock Donald Trump, this reporter forgot to be a reporter. A good reporter should show no bias, but should simply report the facts. If an opinion is to be expressed, it should be based on the reporter’s impression of the entire plan, not just put a spin on a section of the plan that will support his bias.

This reporter intentionally did not mention that the proposed plan doubles the standard deduction. This change doesn’t benefit the wealthy, most of whom file itemized returns. No, it benefits the working, middle class, many of whom do not file itemized tax returns.

This provision certainly applies to many working people in the Vail Valley. Liberals want you to focus on Trump’s personal wealth and ignore what he is obviously trying to do to help the middle class. The working middle class constitutes almost half of the electorate, and statistics indicate it was primarily their support that elected Trump. So, to survive as a viable entity, the Republican Party must retain its new base, and this is their big chance to do whatever’s necessary to accomplish that necessary objective.

John Bartholomew


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