Vail Daily letter: Minturn critic’s Dowd Junction objections off the mark |

Vail Daily letter: Minturn critic’s Dowd Junction objections off the mark

Frank Lorenti’s recent letter regarding development of Dowd Junction was off the mark and unnecessarily inflammatory (“Don’t develop Meadow Mountain,” Saturday, Aug. 5). Mr. Lorenti implies that the Minturn Planning and Zoning Commission is working behind closed doors without asking for public input or considering citizen’s wishes.

I attended the July 26 meeting. The meeting announcement, agenda and information packet were all available on the town’s website. I had the opportunity to ask questions, express my concerns and offer suggestions regarding the proposed development.

There was no mention of “access to trails for recreational uses” because those uses remain under U.S. Forest Service control and not under the town’s purview. A primary objective in developing Dowd Junction is to retain access to Meadow Mountain for recreational purposes. Anyone who attended the meeting would be aware of that.

Mr. Lorenti is unjustifiably critical when he asks “Why don’t they want to keep it for recreational use, so all of us can continue to use this land for recreation”? The land under consideration consists of a Forest Service building, a bus stop and a parking lot. It can hardly be described as in Alpine fun zone.

The best use and benefit for the citizens of Minturn is to develop the property to provide services for our residents and needed tax revenue for our town.

Jeff Miller


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