Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for House |

Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for House

I am writing this letter in support of re-electing our State House Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush this November. When it comes to who will represent us in the General Assembly, there is no doubt we need an authentic advocate for Eagle and Routt counties. And Diane is the best possible choice to work on behalf of the citzens of our counties.

In her short time in office, she has accomplished a tremendous amount on behalf of her constituents, working in a bispartisan fashion to get results for people over party.

In 2014, Diane worked on legislation that resulted in tax incentives for small business investment, job creation and targeted job training; child care tax credits for working families; veterans assistance; disaster relief; funding for creative industries and tourism; advancing the field of renewable energy; energy efficiency; increased funding for preschool, K-12, and higher education; wastewater and drinking water projects; and an overhaul of Colorado driver’s license offices.

Rep. Mitsch Bush is also well known for being responsive to her constituents. In fact, Colorado Capitol Watch, a non-partisan watchdog group, named Diane the most effective freshman representative in 2013. I particularly appreciate her advocacy and work with local governments around I-70 transportation issues.

Diane has been a tremendous advocate for expanding economic and educational opportunities for all, including sponsoring and passing the Debt Free Schools Act with bipartisan support.

Diane has also effectively helped small businesses grow and create jobs in our communities by supporting programs that provided on-the-job skills, training, and experience by extending the ReHire Colorado program.

She has worked extensively to help fund our bustling tourism industry in Colorado.

She has done what few other members of the state legislature, or even Congress has done by supporting our veterans as they return from service by increasing services and job training partnerships.

Diane is well known as a champion of our environment and is passionate about protecting our beautiful lands for this and future generations.

As part of her passionate work on behalf of the balance of being good stewards of our environment and also creating jobs, she has encouraged energy efficiency and renewable energy growth by putting forth legislation to stimulate rural businesses and rural job growth by simplifying complex hydroelectric permitting processes for small facilities.

She has also advocated for community solar gardens by simplifying geographical and jurisdictional requirements.

In her efforts to protect our air and water quality, wildlife, and public lands Diane:

• Strengthened requirements for oil spill reporting.

• Helped create the nation’s first State Public Lands Day.

• Helped establish renewable energy standards for electric co-ops.

• Advocated for improved wildfire preparedness and prevention.

• Fought to allow personal collection of rainwater.

• Created funding through the Healthy Rivers Tax Check-off for cleanup and stream management programs.

• Worked to keep our rivers free-flowing and healthy in their basin of origin, especially in the 2015 Colorado Water Plan.

Diane has been a major contributor towards improving our infrastructure by working to fund transportation, road expansion needs and the Safe Routes to School program.

She has also been a supporter of Bustang, by opposing bills that would have eliminated essential funding.

As vice chair of the House Transportation and Energy Committee and a member of the Interim Joint Transportation Legislation Review Committee, Diane introduced and supported legislation to propose critical solutions to our major transportation needs.

Furthermore, Diane:

• Co-sponsored a bill for funding high-speed broadband services in rural areas.

• Incentivized the construction of affordable housing with tax credits and low-interest loans.

• Supported gun safety laws including background checks for all firearm purchasers.

• Sponsored Rural Family Medicine residency programs.

• Protected the Office of Consumer Counsel.

There is truly no one better qualified to represent us in the state Legislature! I urge you to vote to re-elect Diane Mitsch Bush for state representative.

Josh Lautenberg

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