Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House |

Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House

As a citizen, mother, community member, and fan of public education, I urge to you reelect our current state representative, Diane Mitsch Bush. Her track record, experience and follow-through for kids and schools speaks for itself.

Representative Mitsch Bush actively reaches out to school districts, teachers, her colleagues at the Capitol, our county commissioners, and community leaders to directly address the issues we have funding public education. I have experienced her work firsthand. This past legislative session she passed the Debt Free Schools Act, which gives school districts an additional tool to raise funds for desperately needed building projects. Before that, she passed the Safe Routes to School bill, which provided funding for better sidewalks, bike paths and lighting around schools, ensuring kids get to school safely. Diane understands the nuances and unique challenges that come with rural mountain schools, and her voting record backs that up.

Additionally, her opponent is scary. As a volunteer for the “yes” campaign for 3A and 3B, I attended town council meetings where Diane’s opponent spoke vehemently against the proposals to improve funding for Eagle County’s public schools — without any regard for the educational experience of our kids — or solution-focused statements. It was strange; he didn’t talk about his campaign, express why he should be elected as our state representative, or ask for votes, just against properly funding schools.

For fair, thoughtful, and follow-through representation, Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush is not just the best choice to be our state representative; she is the only choice. Join me in voting “yes” for Diane Mitsch Bush.

Wendy Rimel

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