Vail Daily letter: More debate improvements |

Vail Daily letter: More debate improvements

I watched the debate between U.S. Senate candidates Michael Bennet (D) and Darryl Glenn (R). Both candidates presented themselves well.

The two media types who did the questioning were minor league versions of what you saw in the presidential debates, like Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz — partisan, PC, rude and prone to interrupting. They argued with the candidates, especially Darryl Glenn. This is not my idea of what a debate moderator is there for.

I’ve already given my ideas for changing the debate format, in a Vail Daily commentary labeled “Debate improvements” that appeared about a week ago.

One new feature in the Bennet-Glenn debate was background noise from a group outside the hall. It was not clear what their beef was. They could be heard shouting and beating on something, like the door or drums. The moderators and Bennett said that those outside were just exercising their First Amendment rights.

I disagree. I don’t think the right of free speech includes the right to force people to listen to you. Remember in Orwell’s “1984,” you couldn’t turn off your TV.

Or to interfere with others who are exercising their free speech rights. Those demonstrators should have been warned to shut up, and if they didn’t, then they should have been arrested for disorderly conduct and removed from the scene.

If they want to present their views they can do so, assuming they can gin up a willing audience. As long as they don’t step on the free speech rights of others.

The media are remiss, as usual; in this case, for failing to check out these disrupters. Remember that line from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”: Who are those guys? I am not aware that the media have done that, or looked into who is organizing and financing them.

It’s not just political events. It is said that most of those arrested for violence and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, were not from that area. There are claims that George Soros financed them. I am not aware of any media efforts to check out these questions. Maybe they’re afraid of what they might find out.

Terry Quinn


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