Vail Daily letter: More Van Ens nonsense |

Vail Daily letter: More Van Ens nonsense

I just about busted a gut laughing at so-called Rev. Jack Van Ens column recently where he wrote: "In the 1990s, employed as a turn-around consultant, I advised religious groups and chambers of commerce. When a chamber's membership decreased or a church's membership declined, their leaders hired me to coach them on how to take care of business that prospered. Why was it easier to change the business trajectory of chambers than dying churches?"

Let's review: In the 1990s, Van Ens was brought in to replace the local Presbyterian minister. Parishioners, after a few weeks of hearing Van Ens sermons, walked out in droves and never came back.

The reason: Van Ens continuously preached sermons that violated Biblical scripture.

I have kept many columns from Van Ens where I could write, "Here's what the Bible says. Here's what Van Ens says that is contradictory."

I would appreciate someone challenging me to report on many of those contradictory statements. It will allow me to write another letter exposing Van Ens' weekly nonsense.

Michael Cacioppo