Vail Daily letter: Mystified by Van Ens |

Vail Daily letter: Mystified by Van Ens

I continue to be mystified by the Rev. Jack Van Ens. Firstly, I thought there was supposed to be separation of church and state in our country. Like it or not, tax laws prevent clergy from using their tax-exempt pulpit to promote political viewpoints such as through sermons. Yet here we have a reverend using his tax-exempt status to do exactly just that. Secondly, he continually promotes a view that Republicans have a misguided view of both the Bible and political views. He has a special hatred for Donald Trump (whom I did not vote for) and thinks that his morals are totally antithetical to the Bible. That may well be so. But is Mrs. Clinton exempt? Her greed, as evidenced by the massive amounts of money she charged for her speeches, including demands for private jet travel, etc., to speak at colleges, which in and of themselves are tax-exempt. So Mrs. Clinton thinks it is OK to take money out of our college system, while decrying the rising cost of colleges, and then place them into the Clinton Foundation, and this is not greed?

Let’s call it like it is — politicians, much like the rest of the population, pursue their own self-interest. No one party has a lock on ethics, integrity and biblical behavior.

The Rev. Jack Van Ens does indeed promote hate speech, using the Bible to justify one party’s political positions. He uses his tax-exempt status as his pulpit, and if this isn’t greed, then I do not know what greed means. Physician, heal thyself.

Mark Kogan


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