Vail Daily letter: Nation is in trouble |

Vail Daily letter: Nation is in trouble

I am an active 79-year-old veteran of the Cold War having served on the west side of the Berlin Wall, but with authority and encouragement to visit the east side at will. Space won’t permit discussion of this experience here.

We now face, in my opinion, the most important election in my lifetime, and you (Cal Thomas, My View, Sept. 30) are correct that our current president has done more to exacerbate the racial divide than any other.

No intelligent leader with America’s interest at heart could be as inept in directing our approach to the nuclear threat with Iran and North Korea as our current president. And I have heard that President Obama is an intelligent man.

What disturbs me is the nonsensical reasons during this campaign that are diverting attention from serious issues to the nonsensical reasons being used to attack Donald Trump.

One does not have to be a wizard to know that no one person, not even the president, can alone “push the nuclear button.

Mrs. Clinton is having a field day regarding the “full figured” beauty contestant and Mr. Trump is wasting a lot of time dealing with it. Mrs. Clinton denies locating her to bring up this issue in the same manner she brought up the Gold Star issue during the Democratic convention. Just when now has anyone heard Mrs. Clinton lie?

Perhaps she is not old enough to recall the time when airline cabin attendants (they used to be called stewardesses) had to pass subjective appearance requirements to be hired. Or at the same time when males could not apply for the same job.

Or about the attacks on Mr. Trump not renting to certain minority groups 30 or 40 years ago, when this practice was unfortunately quite common throughout our nation.

I’m sure most people, possibly even Millennials, won’t recall this part of history, but such attacks are only diversions used by Hillary’s camp to avoid discussing their own failures.

I have one suggestion for Mr. Trump. He doesn’t have to give up his ego, but he can just loan it to me for the next six weeks until he is elected to the highest office in the world, after which I’ll be more than happy to return it to him.

Most people really don’t understand what trouble this nation is now in.

If for no other reason, Mr. Trump should be elected to appoint the next Supreme Court justices.

If Hillary is elected, it really won’t matter much which president may follow her

Hank Mader


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