Vail Daily letter: Nice read |

Vail Daily letter: Nice read

Thank you for your newspapers, which I enjoyed reading while staying at the Avon Sheraton Mountain Vistas last week. I always peruse local publications when my husband and I travel, especially for tourism, entertainment and restaurants. However, in addition to the usual fare, your paper features excellent opinion columns by locals and interesting news articles. My favorite perhaps is Butch Mazzuca’s on the difference between liberals and conservatives — truly, a voice of thoughtful, considered reason, taking the long view, in a political season of rants and raves. I’m also impressed by the number of community committees working on housing and environmental issues.

We have watched our own area, a suburb of Dallas, morph from a countryside style, complete with cows, horses, llamas and green spaces to a paved-over, concrete and glassed-up urban strip of fast food joints and big box malls, all in service to the mighty corporations encroaching upon the metroplex. Our community meetings offer little more than lip service because the big decisions are already made with the best interests of Toyota, State Farm, Geico and Raytheon, not the people who live here.

In any event, keep up the great work, and thank you for being a voice for the people. Best wishes.

Diana Cain

Murphy, Texas

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