Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Eagle-Vail tax |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Eagle-Vail tax

Once again, a few Eagle-Vail insiders are trying to raise your taxes to benefit themselves and their cronies. They didn’t seem to get the strong message, from Eagle-Vail property owners, against increased taxes last November when we soundly defeated their big 5A tax increase proposal.

Don’t be fooled this time. David Warner (new Eagle-Vail Metro District board member) conceived of the sales tax to fund a new chairlift connecting Eagle-Vail to Beaver Creek. This was a great idea but, you will note in the ballot language, a chairlift is not even mentioned. We wanted any new tax revenues to be used exclusively to fund a chairlift. The other Eagle-Vail Metro District board members saw the potential tax increase as a big slush fund to support more overhead, for more kickbacks to their buddies, and to hide some of their horrible mismanagement of our recreation facilities. They intentionally took the “chairlift” use restriction of the tax money off the ballot (and it should have, and could have been written the right way, that the funds would be used exclusively for a chairlift).

We won’t get a chairlift with the current Eagle-Vail management and “leadership.” They have proven that they can’t get it done. A few of us started the work with Vail Resorts, to get a chairlift to Beaver Creek, over eight years ago. Then the Eagle-Vail management and “leadership” stepped in and nothing has happened over eight years! Dave Warner got the process reactivated a few months ago but then the current management jumped in again and fouled it up. Since we started the new chairlift process eight years ago, Eagle-Vail has taken in and spent over $28.5 million with virtually nothing positive to show for it. They’ve wasted enough money to build and operate a whole bunch of chairlifts!

Vote “no” on the sales tax. Keep your money and don’t further support bad government!

Carl Luppens

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