Vail Daily letter: No respect |

Vail Daily letter: No respect

What a disappointing commentary presented by the chair of the Eagle County Democratic Party. There wasn’t an ounce of respect for the opposing party in her commentary column. It is apparent to me why Republican signage is being destroyed if this is the attitude of the head of the Democrats in our county.

Where is the respect or gratitude from Jane Lowery for our local and state candidates for their commitment and dedication to our form of democracy? She is wrong in disparaging opposing candidates the way she did in her column. I say “kudos” to our local and state candidates for putting themselves out there no matter what their party.

Unlike her counterpart, Kaye Ferry, chair of the Eagle County Republicans, who used a negative event to teach a local young man about free speech and democracy in our great country, Ms Lowery teaches her constituents to attack reputations.

Yes, we all do not agree how to move forward with issues affecting our futures in this county, state and nation, but locally we have an opportunity to work together with respect. It is an especially important model of behavior for our youth.

Ms Lowery, I think it would be an appropriate gesture for you to apologize.

Joyce Chizmadia

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