Vail Daily letter: No ‘wait and see’ |

Vail Daily letter: No ‘wait and see’

In response to Butch Mazzuca’s “The Sky Isn’t Falling” (Monday’s Vail Daily) let me say this.

We don’t need to take a “wait and see approach” to President Trump. Here are a few examples why.

The people Trump has surrounded himself with tell us what we need to know.

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn are known Alt-Right xenophobes, believing America belongs to white people of European descent to the exclusion of others.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is famous for his civil right denials.

Myhren Ebell, new head of the EPA, is a climate change denier. The EPA name should be changed from “the Environmental Protection Agency” to “the Environmental Destruction Agency.”

I’m sure some of your readers can come up with other examples. Historically, one is Hitler, who also started out this way in Germany, fanning the flames of discontent and hate, promising a better life for those who followed him, and then simply proceeding to exterminate others he thought were inferior or dangerous.

Roger Cotton Brown

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