Vail Daily letter: Our liberal friends |

Vail Daily letter: Our liberal friends

The “always fair” media is forecasting that hundreds of thousands of people are expected to arrive on Jan. 20 to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. This is not a novel story since I have read it before; but it seems only to occur when Republican presidents win elections and are sworn into office. That tradition began in January 1969, when Richard Nixon succeeded Lyndon Johnson and his inaugural parade route was lined with antiwar demonstrators, some of which turned violent in the course of the day. Again in 1981 when Ronald Reagan supplanted Jimmy Carter; in 1989, when George H.W. Bush succeeded Reagan; and again in 2001, when George W. Bush followed Bill Clinton.

I cannot recall comparable demonstrations (or violence and vandalism) taking place in 1977, when Carter replaced Gerald Ford; or in 1993 after Clinton defeated Bush I; or again in 2009, when Obama succeeded Bush II. This might speak to an essential character difference between left and right in America or, perhaps, reflects the fact that the press tends to treat the arrival of a Republican administration as the political equivalent of a hostile takeover!

Bernie Schwartz